Embroidered Mahalo Cards


Mahalo nui loa for all the get well wishes and the FO love in last Friday’s post. Made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I am betta. I slept a lot last weekend (a separate, future post) and took a short nap when I could. I’m thinkin’ for Evil Minion, it needs a pom pom! Whaddyya think? However, I dunno how much of the Cascade purple I have. I’ll have to dig around and see.


…the ohana is countin’ down this week as it’s the last week of school. Yippee! I am pooped and am looking forward to having shenanigans with Princess Jellybean while her sister’s in camp.

Gave walk-a-thon donation letters my John Hancock, one potluck down with another to prep for which declared grocery shopping a must, trying to recruit more graduation volunteers, working graduation, and…

…working on these:


You know how Pinterest is such a terrific platform for ideas and trying out new things, yeah? Well, I found this pin and this one some time ago. For ages I’ve been wanting to give it a go.

So I created these mahalo cards:


I used good ol’ sewing thread and sewed them through the holes different ways to see what kind of effects I would get. You can see I grouped colors for an ombre effect.

My favorite is this one:


This kind of project is good while watching TV. When I was sick, I knocked a couple of these out to occupy my hands.

A question for you:

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12 thoughts on “Embroidered Mahalo Cards

  1. Absolutely darling idea! Love your use of color in the threads. What a great idea! Will go to Pinterest and look at your board. You DID post it, right?

  2. Those are beautiful, just beautiful. I would love to make a stack here to have on hand. I voted, and so far everyone is staying we want a post!

  3. Double please yes for a tutorial! I love ombré anything and unusual ways to show off embroidery, so these cards are especially appealing. Will come in handy for all sorts of occasions, too. Love the colors that you chose. That last one with the greens and browns is gorgeous. My little guy is already planning every single minute of his vacation. Hiking, bike rides, trips to the beach, ice cream….I think I need to start getting back in shape just to be able to keep up with him, LOL!

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