FO Roll Call

Stitch n Pitch Giants Game (313x500)

Ohayo *bows* gozaimasu.

Gomennasai for the silence this week. Monday I sucked it up and volunteered to be a chaperone for Princess Jellybean’s last field trip of the year. Imagine…first grader energy and 100 acres of zoo land to cover. Are you falling down in exhaustion yet? Then a mild, flu bug caught up with me. I tried to kick its preliminary attack, but it took me down with a high fever. So me and the Tempur-Pedic had some snuggle time.

However! I was able to get Princess Cupcake to practice her photography skillz last weekend. But before I get into that, I just wanted to say domo arigato for the slouchy beanie love last week. Your support throughout the journey fueled my knitting mojo during that busy month. PTA was showered with smiles and heartfelt thank yous from the teachers and staff. One beanie winner told me this week that she was looking forward to wearing the hat and that taupe and blue were her favorite colors.

Okay, *with a kawaii smile* ya ready?

I. Evil Minion

Remember this project?


Using stash only yarn, I knitted Cascade 220 Superwash with Colinette Parisienne.


(The hubb was watching from the window across the street and waving like a madman which made me laugh.)

It’s really warm and has a super neat glow from that mohair.

II. Bubblegum


This is that drop stitch cowl I had to frog and then reknit. It’s knitted also from stash yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash + Dream in Color Classy.


The two colorways paired together really give dimension to the stitches. Even though this is an open stitch, it kept my neck warm on Field Day.

I’m so happy to finally show these off as they’ve been finished since March. And an arigato + XO to my daughter for being patient with this┬ádemanding and picky knitter.

Hope you’re having a solid Friday and I hope you have fun and relaxing plans for this Memorial Weekend.


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10 thoughts on “FO Roll Call

  1. Hi and welcome back! Sounds like a tough week but I’m glad to see you back! I think it’s great you’re appreciated, you should be! All the FO’s are so pretty, I love them all!

  2. Fabulous FO’s, the hat really suits you, what great slouch and I love the cowl!!!!
    You’re daughter takes wonderful photos. I hope you’re feeling better, have a good weekend. X

  3. Two great knits there, both beautifully modelled :) Colinette is half an hour’s drive from here, needless to say their outlet shop is a favourite destination of mine.

  4. You look awesome in both the hat and the cowl. So stylish! Great pics by Princess Cupcake. Hope that you had a great Memorial Day weekend. Just two more weeks of school and then summer break. Yay!

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