FO Rollcall

Stitch n Pitch Giants Game (313x500)


When Walk-a-Thon ended in mid-March, for two months our Board started working on Teacher/Staff Appreciation.

I took care of the office work:

1. Creation of the volunteer form = 22 classrooms worth which is equivalent to 513 students,

2. Second copy sent out because there needed to be a Chinese translation and because most people were signing up to bring a dessert,

3. Creation of the two paged, Excel spreadsheet in one sitting = a few hours,


4. Constant contact with the awesome dad who’s been BBQing each year to make sure he had everything he needed and was happy with progress.

The most important part of this event is getting donations for the raffle. It is the most stressful! Only five of us were working on this part. We had to get at least 40-50 donations. Yeah, you read correctly. That many was acquired in eight weeks.

Do you see why I was so stressed out? I wanna give a mahalo nui loa to #GrindzRestaurant, #MinamiRestaurant, and #Cassava for responding to my donation requests right away. I’ll be working on mahalo notes this week as well.

The bar high was set high as usual:

Teacher-Staff Appreciation

This year a dad and a grandfather helped out with the grilling. I hope we can get them back for next year as the dad who usually lays this all out will be moving on as his son’s graduating.

Ohana Bakeshop made the staff cake again:


The Black Forest cake inside was flavorful and moist! She donated two gift certificates for custom made sheet cakes.

Now you know I’ve been busy knitting my beanie donations. I cranked out one a week so that’s one whole month of work.

I had to take the photo shoot in the conference room at the school:


Starting from the striped beanie and going clockwise:


Jane Elliot’s Blue Eyed/Brown Eyed Exercise

Ochre Star

Ooh, look! Squirrel with dragonfruit!


These are all slouchy of course (You know how I roll.):


The morning of I created the 411 tags:


For some time, I looked at punches and premade gift tags. Sadly, none were big enough for what I had in mind. So I used this stationary I had bought at Target last year and cut off the corners on one end + used a hole puncher.

When I was satisfied with my photos, I wrapped them up:


Yup, that male kumu is back with another of my beanies! I let him trade up of course.

I personally picked out Ochre Star for Princess Cupcake’s kumu.


Aren’t they cute? They’re fantastic in the classroom, so much energy, and got the classroom management down! They’re two of my favorites.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Until our next meet up, aloha.

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10 thoughts on “FO Rollcall

  1. I hope you get a nice rest from all this work over the summer! I absolutely love how involved you are in your girls’ school :-) Your hats turned out so great, but the Squirrel/Dragonfruit combo is my absolute fave. Might have to steal that color combo in the future :-)

  2. I can so relate to your stress level!!! Everything looks great! We had a very successful teacher/staff appreciation week. This year was a red carpet theme. We had games set up in the teachers lounge with movie trivia an prizes. One day we hosted a lunch, another day a breakfast and then we ended with a popcorn bar and movies in the lounges on friday for the teachers. It really was fun to get to be and interact with the teachers all week. They really appreciate the little special touches! Though by the weekend i crashed and came down with a throat infection so I spent mothers day just sitting knitting and recovering! Now to get working on next year!!!
    Be well and happy belated Mothers day!

  3. Great FO’s Kepanie! I love a slouchy hat, I feel like mine always come out a little small, I should try that gauge thing one day. Yours fit perfectly!
    Great job with the school event organizing and planning. It is not easy my friend but so many people benefit and it’s great connecting the support of the larger community and businesses with their local schools.

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