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Aloha on this 80’s day in San Francisco.

Mahalo plenty for your love for Princess Jellybean’s card. As you know, reading and writing go hand in hand. When my youngest first started reading, she was very shy about it and thus, self-conscious when she read aloud. Then it all clicked and that door opened up for my baby. Her confidence is smooth now and this helped her writing skills.

This soon-to-be seven year old is my boo-boo. She had clung to me when she was a bebe and still has to sit next to Mama all the time. I am showered with hugs and kisses every single day. Her smile lights up her eyes and boy does the princess still have that funny, sneaky, mischievous streak.


…you may have thought, “Ollie, ollie, ollie, home, home free!” with Teacher/Staff Appreciation under my belt.

In this wahine’s case, nope.

While filling out our white board calendar two weeks ago, I realized school will be ending this month – eek! – and I usually knit the keiki’s kumus something! But you know what? Like Bobby McFerrin sang, “Don’t worry, be happy.” I’m just gonna ride the wave. If I have to issue IOUs, no worries, yeah?

So after a few start and frogs, I finally settled upon this pattern and am making headway with this knit:


This is Afternoon tea, a shawlette by Helen Stewart. It’s a free pattern and one version was knitted in Madelinetosh Sock, something I had in my stash.

I’m using the Thyme color way, BTW. I’ve only gotten through 36 rows so far. I’m taking my time because I don’t have much lace time logged in.

In case you’re wondering how I’d got a twisty circular needle to lie flat for me, why containers of Playdoh of course!

I shot an up close and personal to show the tight twist this fingering weight has:


I’m enjoying this pattern quite a lot. It’s different from my usual projects.

This shawlette is slated for Princess Cupcake’s kumu. I had learned this year that she and I are of the same age so she appreciates the classics, ya know?

What shawl pattern is your favorite to knit/crochet?

Have you tried Tosh Sock before?

Do you have any in your stash? If so, what colors did you use?

How’d you like it?

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8 thoughts on “WIP Roster

  1. Will look into “Afternoon Tea” since yours is knitting up so pretty. Those look like twisted stitches of some sort…interesting and a pretty color.

  2. What a pretty gift! As you know, I have knit several shawls/shawlettes and while don’t have a favorite pattern, I do have favorite shapes–crescent and half circles! I do have some tosh in my stash, recently purchased on my yarn crawl–or maybe it was on the yarn train? Either way–I love Madeline Tosh yarns.

  3. A lovely pattern Kepanie! It’s already knitting up great. Me? I love all things Tosh, some friends might consider it a bit of a problem …

  4. your shawl is lovely! i just finished a mara shawl & i’m working on a lala shawl~ i am the happy recipient of mad tosh giveaway from ellen & i can’t wait to squish it between my fingers :) thanks for dropping by my little corner of the world~
    happy weekending~

  5. Your shawlette is so pretty! I love Madtosh sock!!! I’ve knit my favorite shawl from it twice now (Hitchhiker) and it is stunning. Hard to pick a bad pattern for Madtosh :)

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