A U.S. Mama’s Day

Good morning. How’re you this Tuesday?

We, San Franciscans, are bracing ourselves for another scorcher, the hottest day this week.

So because of the hot weather, I’ve been bustin’ out the straw fedora and makin’ use of the Nicki Minaj Viva Glam1 (MAC):


Mother’s Day is always celebrated in the U.S. as the second Sunday of May.

This year I did not plan well:

1. The teacher/staff appreciation luncheon was all day Friday.

While it was a hit, I had an aching back and feet + the stress I bottled up for two months came spillin’ out that I couldn’t even sleep peacefully Friday night.

It is an honor to be on PTA and yes, it can be a big responsibility. It’s basically like a j-o-b. These school events don’t happen by themselves. PTA is the organizing and driving force behind them. I had a chat with our former and great mentor president. She and I agreed that while technically on the day of the event, PTA doesn’t have to do much because the parent volunteers take over, the planning and organizing is stressful. We stress every day until the event happens.

2. I also had scheduled our annual eye exams for Saturday.

We saw the other optometrist who was fun to chat with and boy was she thorough. The crew was there for three hours and 45 minutes much to the husband’s dismay, I’m afraid. I think he’ll be having his eye exam every other year.

3. I was supposed to host the family, Mother’s Day luncheon.

However, due to the over-scheduling, I had to cancel it which probably disappointed, but oh well. I have to think about what my body can handle because I can’t get sick. May’s end-of-the-year-school-rush is not over. This week alone besides the usual mum duties, I have to Xerox the volunteer forms for upcoming graduation and count out classroom counts; start moving PTA stuff out of the office; talk this evening to the new, incoming kindergarten parents and transitional kindergarten parents + sell school gear that night; attend Princess Cupcake’s spring concert Wednesday evening; and take her to her ortho appointment Friday. The back to back night events will wipe me out and cause me to run on fumes for the rest of the week.

So my Mama’s Day was one word – relaxation. I think I deserve it. In fact, this is my plan every year – do nothing on Mother’s Day. It’s one of the two days of the year that I can get away with doing nothing while the husband takes over. If we have a family meal, then it’ll have to be either the weekend before or after.

With that said, Saturday afternoon I guided my honey through Ellie Krieger’s recipe:


I stuck a Post-It on the oven so he knew what temperature to heat the oven up to and what to set the timer for.

When I got up Sunday morning, E baked his dish:


Peach French Toast, a real simple night before prep so the egg mixture is all soaked up. It was delicious. I was proud of him as he of himself.

Last Friday I was surprised by this priceless, Mama’s Day card from my first grader:


Doesn’t that just get you?

I was so surprised at how much she had written. At the first quarter conference, her teacher wanted my daughter to write more. Now look at her.

And because he didn’t want his wife cookin’ on her day:


Extreme Pizza was ordered for din din. It hit the spot, especially them jalapenos.

So that’s my Mama’s Day in 600 words. I hope yours was chillaxin’ like mine.

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8 thoughts on “A U.S. Mama’s Day

  1. Wow your like a whirlwind of activity, no wonder your wiped and gonna be, you do an awesome job of it all though. I’m glad you got to do nothing on Mothers Day that in itself is a great gift I always think, just to sit and not have to think of the next thing. That card would just get you wouldn’t it, so precious and one to keep for sure. I don’t think the teacher need worry now about writing.

  2. Your daughters note bought a tear to my eye, what a little sweetheart! PTA and school governorship are great responsibilities, I’m so glad the event went well.

  3. Sounds like you hah a good day, mama.
    Your PTA job sounds full time. Glad you got to have a small break, at least for the weekend. Your peach French toast looked yummy. Good for that sweet husband of yours for treating you well.

  4. I’m not looking forward to the heat. We have the fans going and the room AC in the front room going…::sigh:: I miss having central air.
    Mother’s Day was spent on a boat somewhere off the coast of the US/Mexico border. It also involved lots of Dramamine because the previous night, we were rocking and rolling like no one’s business (seriously, I thought we were all going to fall out of bed). I spent at least two extra hours in bed that morning because of the nausea and headache. Then a brunch followed by pool time, more food, more naps, and dinner :)

  5. Aw! That note is just precious! I think you’re absolutely right with the responsibilities and tasks of being on the PTA, it must be stressfull indeed. I think it’s good of you to take care of yourself, especially in busy times. Both the toast as the pizza look amazing! And I love you in your fedora! :)

  6. You do a lot in your PTA lady and it’s really a lot of work all that coordinating and planning. And i imagine you worry until it’s done, to make sure things happen the way they are supposed to. I only did Room parent stuff for our gifts on Friday and then got up early to bake on Thursday for the day our grade was responsible for breakfast/snacks this week. I hope you’ll be able to delegate things out more in the future. It does sound like you have a great school community!
    I love the photo of your honey making you the french toast! And the note from your baby is too much. I love that a) she wrote so much from the heart — those are not canned sentences, my dear b) she said she loved you as much as blueberry pie. DAMN!
    You deserve way more than 2 whole days a year of doting and nothing. Easier said, than done, right?

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