It’s Monday! What are you reading?


Aloha. Are you keeping warm? We spoiled San Franciscans are shivering with this low 40 spell.

Our tree is up – yay! However, I feel behind in Christmas shopping, sigh. I just got the Amazon orders done so check.

Back during Thanksgiving break, I finished this book:

IMG_20131129_215023 (600x400)

I didn’t get to blog about it last week because I had to give my John Hancock for PTA biz that was high priority.

Anywho, getting back on track…

After growing up in a home of indifference, Iona gives up everything to trace and get to know her Irish roots. She ends up living with her cousins and having a natural skill with horses, she ends up working at a stable while juggling romance with one of the owners.  Iona also learns about her wiccan ancestry as an old dark force resurfaces and threatens the family.

I believe it was Friday night the keiki and I had stayed up late. They gamed while I read this 342 paged book in about four hours. The night was quiet and we dames were all nestled on the big couch with our feet up.

I love it when Nora Roberts writes about witches. I love the beautiful, Irish names. The power of three was the usual, but I liked how these witches had “familiars.” What also seemed different was how this family was deeply rooted from their past ancestor. I was hooked and just couldn’t stop. It’s been a long time since I’ve hunkered down and had a reading marathon like that.

Okay. I need to go back to fiber crafting.

Until next time…aloha.

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10 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. We are keeping very warm this week, thank you. ;-) The sun finally started doing its job and warms us up. Normally at this time of year its really hot but for some reason it kept going back to cold days. Looks like today will be very hot as its hot already and only early morning. I am going to have to read that book, sounds interesting and familiar, maybe I have read it already LOL I often forget and re-read books over, only realising I have read them after getting into it again.

  2. I have done very little Christmas shopping. I have two nieces to fully shop for, one niece to partially shop for, presents to wrap and ship across the country, plus Little Man needs his own presents…


  3. I echo your sentiments on “where I am” in Christmas shopping. I feel so .. incomplete. I’m still reading Wonder, well, I would be if I were reading. It’s all chores and knitting right now. Post Christmas, I’ll be back in the reading the saddle for sure! I like pretty Irish names too!

  4. Hi Kepanie,

    I just wanted to respond to your questions about Cookie A. socks. I find they DO knit up large, so with her patterns I’m almost always going down a needle size or two, or knitting a smaller size, or modifying in some way or another. As for converting to toe-up, it entirely depends on the pattern. So many of them are so complicated, with lots of moving and twisting stitches that it could be a bit of a nightmare. Which pattern are you knitting?

    Lynn at Minding My Own Stitches

  5. It seems like it’s been so long from I was in touch now that I’m at the computer it’s your blog I thought to come catch up on lol. Hope the book was good, I’ve read most of Nora Roberts trilogys but I don’t think I’ve read this one so I’m going to check it out in my library. Hope all things settled down for the Christmas for you and that you all had a good time together.Happy New Year.

  6. You have been producing some beautiful work (as always) while I’ve been away! I love your striped hat with the tassels, too gorgeous. I confess I have never heard of Nora Roberts (yes, sometimes I think I live under a rock), where would you suggest I start if I am going to give her a go. I like witch stories and could do with a new author to enjoy.

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