Popping my head in…

Hi there!

Just poppin’ my head in to let you know my posting will be very erratic this month. It’s the holiday \(>o<)/ rush!

I have seven teachers to gift this year. My plan was to make mug cozies after seeing Deb’s. However, after trying to start a different pattern I thought was cute on Pinterest and not being a fan of cotton yarn, I was so not lovin’ how it was comin’ out - grrr. So I’m thinkin’ instead of stressin’ myself ridiculously out, Plan B will be baking sweet loaves.

I do also have the mandatory projects to finish:

1. Get the tree up and decorated,

2. Take our pics for our 2013 Christmas card,

3. M’s ripple – I do have the yarn now,

4. Her birthday cardi to steam block and buttons to buy and sew on + add a cute outfit to it,

and 5. this…

IMG_20131204_021139 (600x450)

Do you any of you read Adrialys Handmade Creations?

She makes really cute amigurumi. I purchased her Aquatic Animals ebook. I loved her Santino the Blue-Spotted Stingray every time she posted about it so I had to have it!

Anywho, I contacted her about designing a particular sea animal I had in mind for my nephew. She only releases two patterns a month and so I’m not sure when it’ll come out, but I need to get started as it has to get shipped out to Virginia ASAP.

I leave you with what most of we, Chinese, do with a turkey carcass – jook.

Mum Jook (600x450)

My mum made it. Yes, you see scallions. The black jelly lookin’ things are cut up pei-an – a.k.a. thousand year egg, hundred year egg, or century egg. If you want to learn more about it, check out this article. The fried food is you tiao - Chinese fried donuts or Chinese breadstick.

And a dessert I never tire of…chocolate chip mint ice cream in a cone:

Safeway cone (600x450)

I always feel a cone makes it so much betta! My hubb bought these Safeway waffle cones and they surprisingly came with these cute, striped, festive sleeves.

Until our next chat…

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11 thoughts on “Popping my head in…

  1. We haven’t done our Christmas cards yet, either. I also need to haul Little Man to the mall for photos with Santa and we need to order the “special” Christmas cards (which means Husband needs to do them first)……oh, and let’s not forget that I want to keep up with my blogging through the end of the year. ::sigh::

  2. We have a ton to do for Christmas here too. It always seems like there is so much to do for the holdiday. That yarn looks amazing. I love her projects too =)

  3. I’d really encourage you to go for Plan B. This will fill one evening, whereas Plan A would take several nights. And Christmas won’t wait till you’re done as time is tight around Christmas… :)

  4. I’m with Kraftling. I say do the baking. Those mug cozies will still work for maybe Teacher’s Appreciation Week? So you can do it all, just maybe not so … now?

    Absolutely obsessing on wanting to make Johk (that’s how we Thai’s pronounce it) I make mine with ground pork and ginger and chicken stock, and buy some fancy waffle cones. I love the sleeves. After all, we eat with our eyes first. You’ve got so much going on Kepanie, and you seem to doing great!

  5. You are a very busy lady, although I am not sure how much I will be blogging the closer we get to Christmas…..Baking sounds like an awesome idea, much less stressful too!!

    The photographs of your food always looks delicious!! mmmmmmm

  6. This is how I feel! I had 5 teachers this year and didn’t quite hit my goals, but they all got nice things I hope they will like (and I can now make a cowl in a couple of hours!)

    I hope you and your lovely family get to enjoy some rest and fun before the chaos starts again. xxxxx

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