Year of Projects 3


Annyeong (-^O^-) haseyo!

Are you still feeling the aftershocks of turkey coma? What did you have to bring? Do you jump houses? How many members filled up the place?

I’m drinking peppermint tea while working on this post to help with my digestion. I have that full feeling from the oink fest of the past two days.

My paternal grandmother’s apartment hosted our modest kajok of seven adults, two kids, and one baby. There were a total of eight dishes and four desserts. My assignments were these:

Thanksgiving 11.28 (600x400)

Like my cheese platter? This is the first time I dolled it up with extras like the grapes, baguette, and other cheeses. I added in salami for my daddy.

I made Martha Stewart’s Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing. It was hella good! This recipe requires premade cornbread. Heck no techno did I buy it. I made it from scratch, baby! It’s something you’ve seen already – Barefoot Contessa’s Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread. The first time I had made the cornbread, I only used two jalapenos with no seeds or ribs. There wasn’t any kick. So for Thanksgiving, I used three jalapenos, one and a half of them with seeds and ribs. I made sure too I put in two big handfuls of sharp, shredded cheddar. This cornbread made the stuffing.

And then the pumpkin pie. Kathy H. was so sweet to share her beloved family recipe. It was more traditional than the streusel one I had tried two weeks ago by using evaporated milk. I didn’t use a deep dish pie crust but I wasn’t feeling confident about the pie because I had poured a bit too much to the top which puffed up in the oven. I kept adding time as I was worried it wasn’t cooked all the way through. As you can see from the slice, it was pretty good, huh? I used the pumpkin pie spice mix rather than separate measurements of three spices so I wonder if the flavor was changed a bit?

I had to throw this pic in:

IMG_20131128_160153 (600x400)

My niece and I were on the same wavelength and were twinsies! M is such a good, mellow baby. I loved how she let me carry her.

And now onto the fiber biz…

Saturday the hubb and I took the girls to Sutro Heights Park for Over the Chambray’s photo shoot:

IMG_2069 (600x400)

Sadly, this was the first time I’ve ever been here. Our daughters had fun running amok and climbing anything they could.

IMG_2079 (600x400)

It was a bit foggy by the ocean but the Spud & Chloe Outer kept me warm.

IMG_2083 (600x400)

I’m not sure what will be the next project. I’m thinking an infinity scarf or fringed scarf since my neck pretty much needs to be kept cozy every day. My other option is Pink from Wendy Bernard’s Custom Knits.

Kamsa hamnida for stopping by today. The princesses and I are having some girl time at a joint playdate across the park. Hope your Sunday is lovely as mine.

Until our next chat, annyeong kaseyo!

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17 thoughts on “Year of Projects 3

  1. Darling pictures of you in your sweater.l

    Cornbread dressing is my favorite and yours with peppers and cheese in the cornbread sounded great. I will remember that and come back to your post in a month or so when we roast a chicken so that I can make your cornbread dressing after refreshing my memory on how you made it,

  2. We crossed some things off our not-real “bucket list” the past few days. We went up and down Lombard Street (the day we went, there wasn’t a line of cars all the way down the hill), we went to Alamo Square (Little Man even got to play on the playground for a little while), we drove through Ft. Scott yesterday. We were going to get out so Husband’s cousin could take fabulous photos of Golden Gate. It was a gorgeous view as we were driving up there…and then we got up there and we were too close to the fog so you couldn’t see squat. That’s how we ended up driving through the military base. Oh well.

    Oh, and the food coma. We’re still dealing with it because we bought 6 fresh crab in Half Moon Bay yesterday…and cooked them…and ate every single bite!

  3. Hello cuties! That picture is adorable, cute and mellow must run in your family :) Love the photoshoot, you finished your sweater so quickly and the color looks amazing on you!

  4. That all looked so yummy. I only do my family’s dinner and luckily I only had to do prep work. Cooking on Thanksgiving is to much pressure. That sweater looks amazing. And the location is perfect.

  5. Yummy delicious food pics. We celebrate Thanksgiving in the “American” way the weekend after. Since it isn’t a national holiday. This year we had a brunch at my mother-in-law house.
    I like your new sweater. Perfect for layering.
    The park looks very inviting. Can’t believe how warm it must be at your place. We had iced car windows on Monday since we forgot to park the car in the garage on Sunday.

  6. I meant to tell you how much I adore that twinsie photo! And I had to share the one piece of pumpkin pie my step-mother sent home with us, so now I will have to make one after drooling over yours. :) Happy Knitting!

  7. It sounds as if you had a great Thanksgiving, the food looks yummy. Gorgeous photo of you and your niece. Also lovely photo’s from your photo shot, love the sweater, great colour.
    Watch out for the mail man, there’s a little something in the post for you. Deb x

  8. As I count, believe there were 20 of us this year, 6 or 7 less then normal which was nice. I made homemade noddles, that’s what I always make and took a pie, and a green bean casserole. We were all at one house,. my older brothers…tradition. Love your sweater, great color and it look awesome on you.

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