WIP Wednesday

Since I’m well rested after a two hour nap, I decided to post by bedside today.

There has been no progress on the beanie front. It’s been busy here:

Note the closet organization. We have three in our hallway:

1: Linen Closet
Everything was rolled up and organized so the top shelf has items that see little use, the second shelf holds towels and dish & hand towels, the next for master bedroom sheet sets, the fourth shelf is for the princesses’ sheets and towel sets, and the bottom area had to be cleaned out especially to make room for toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

2. (the now) Coat Closet
All of our paper goods, tools, and batteries were piled upon one another in here. it was a waste of space. Some good, solid cleaning was done to make room for my jackets and coats and the hubb’s outerwear. Guests can hang theirs in here too.

3. (the now) Shoe Closet
Outerwear was in here with boots and oh boy junk. I had filled up that garbage can in one day. So now shoes are stored in here. I do need to find a narrow, horizontal shoe rack for my shoe collection. The hubb cut up pool noodles into thirds so I can use them to stand up my boots (something I learned on Pinterest). Doesn’t it look like there are cut off bones minus the marrow in my boots?

I haven’t had time to run out to Imagiknit so no cute buttons yet for my niece’s cardigan and I still need to steam block it.

However, with one toddler project down, I started this in the hallway yesterday while waiting for the first grade potluck to begin:

This is the Little Coffee Bean pattern by The Brown Stitch. Back-to-back, after school piano lessons enabled me to get through all the raglan increases for the six months size. I’m using Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Umber Heather and in Rouge. I am lovin’ that Rouge!

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow? What is your dish assignment?

I have the appetizer, stuffing, and pie to make. I didn’t have a chance to try out Kathy’s old family pumpkin pie recipe, (Wasn’t that sweet of her to share? Mahalo nui loa, Kathy!) but I may be adventurous tonight.

Until our next meeting…Happy Thanksgiving? You all are certainly one thing I’m grateful for.

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7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. We have next to no storage in this house. The only non-bedroom closet is the hallway closet…which desperately needs to be emptied and reorganized. Our coats hang on a coat rack we attached to the wall. It was something I had painted a few years ago and now we’re using it. Our sheets are in a Lane chest, along with some other things. Little Man’s sheets are in a drawer in his bedroom. Shoes are in our closet. Extra towels, paper towels, toilet paper, and all of that are in the guest bathroom cabinets.

    As for Thanksgiving, we’re having it here with our friends that just moved up here from Los Angeles. They’re bringing pies and we’re doing everything else. Husband’s cousin and her son are also flying in on Friday and we’re planning to go to Half Moon Bay for fresh crab :)

  2. Dinner at my moms tomorrow. Twenty Eight family members attending. My assignment is mashed potatoes, cranberry chutney, and a pumpkin roll. Happy Thanksgiving all!!!

  3. Look at your closets!! I love when things are organized :) which doesn’t mean that my things are organized at all!! I really wish we had a closet at the front door, but there is no room for one. The noodles in boots is a great idea!

  4. Wow, you did some organizing in there! Great job! I always feel much more at peace when things are organized, but I can clutter like the best of them! I too love that rouge, especially in the striped pattern! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the Netherlands *sad face* but fiance and I try to make up for it with our yearly Christmas extravaganza!

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