Beanie-a-long with Me

Beanie-a-Long with Me 001 (640x303)

Where are you?

Are you comfy?

Do you have time? ‘Cuz this will be a lengthy post.


Yes! F to the O!

I finished Barber Polin’ Stripes last week:

(Photo shoot by my mum)

IMG_2029 (640x427)

So my earflaps do not hang straight down. I suspect it’s because this was technically designed for babies and young toddlers.

So remember when I said to line up the back seam of the fleece with the back of the hat? Well, I’m wearing that seam on my forehead because the back, CO stitches had more room/length than the original front. I don’t feel the seam at all. Whipstitching really made a difference.

And since I upsized the pattern on a size 9 circ, I have slouch in the back:

IMG_2033 (640x427)

I love how my tassels hang:

IMG_2035 (640x427)

And you know what?

I got asked a few times about it \ (‘-`) / by people at the school and even the checker at Trader Joe’s. I told the TJ gal how we, knitters and crocheters, love getting asked about our projects, that we have such pride in what we make.

So on a recent pokin’ ’round ‘da mall, I examined closely the big trend of sweaters, hats, and cowls in the stores. Most were acrylic and others half wool. No surprise there. While some were cheap and itchy, I even couldn’t bring myself to buy any of the finer quality from the nicer stores like J. Crew and GAP. I told myself if I was going to have something of any kind of fiber then damn it, I’m a gonna make it myself!

II. Wanted, But Handknit

I picked up this Caron Simple Soft from Michael’s when I was armed with a 25% off final purchase coupon two Fridays ago. Don’t judge me. I needed a quick yarn fix.

Excited to embark upon the workings of a new beanie, last night I tried to seed stitch while incorporating the jogless jog. It didn’t work well so then I switched to garter stitch. Hmmm…sketchy results.

So I reverted back to good ol’ stockinette and guess what?! I took pictures today of how I work the jogless jog!

I know, I know, Nancy, you’ve been waiting for this for ages. Sorry.

Here goes…ya’ll ready?

1. Mark the end of your last ribbing round with an open stitch (looks like a safety pin) marker like I had done with that sea green, Clover one:


I do this because it lets me know where the original end of the round is.

If I get distracted or mixed up, I can count number of stripes done and then make sure the marker has jumped that many stitches to the left.

2. Move your in-the-round, movable stitch marker over to the right needle.

Knit the first round of the color (in my case, grey) that will start your striping until you come back to the marker:


This cute stitch marker, BTW, is part of a set handmade by Rae Lynne Chase who has an Etsy shop here. I actually had won the set on her blog’s giveaway.

Getting back on track…

Now comes the jogless jog technique.

3. Take off your stitch marker and put it close by you.

You are going to transition the first stitch of the second round to make it become the last stitch of the round.

Are you sweatin’? No worries. Put your knitting down safely and wipe those hands.

Take a deep breath and let’s get back to business.

With your right needle, pick up the stitch below (in this case, white) the one on the left needle:


4. Place the picked up stitch onto the left needle so it’s next to the stitch (grey and white gettin’ all lovey dovey) that will be knitted next:


5. Knit through both of the stitches like a k2tog:


Place your stitch marker back onto the right needle.

The end of the round has moved over to the left one stitch.

6. This photo shows you the working yarn knitted through both stitches and my stitch marker is in front of the transitioned stitch because the end of the round has moved over one:


Knit the second round of the color all the way around until you come to the stitch marker again.

Now you’re coming back to Step One.

To start the first round of the new color, just move the stitch marker over the right and just knit the first stitch with the second striping new color.

You don’t want to pull that working yarn tight because it’ll pucker the fabric in a diagonal way which will be noticeable on the public side at each jog area. So I hold the working yarn a bit loosely.


Knit all the way around until you see that stitch marker.

Now go back to step three.

Repeat this step along with four and five. After that, go back to one!

The inside of your fabric should look like this:


If you look at the first photo of Step One, you’ll see how my knitted fabric is relaxed and the jogless jogs unnoticeable.

So I hope this short tutorial helps for new venturers into the jogless jog world.

Another time I will show how I do the jogless jog and decreasing. Oh boy, does my brain hurt at that.

I leave you with something I made for the first time ever – Land O Lakes’ Steusel Pumpkin Pie Recipe:

IMG_2020 (600x400)

I didn’t use that brand butter, BTW. I found this pin on Pinterest when I was hankering for some pumpkin pie.

Oh, and no, I didn’t make the crust from scratch. It was a frozen, whole wheat one from Whole Foods. I wasn’t feeling brave enough to try to make a pie crust from scratch yet.

This is how my slice came out:

IMG_20131117_182121 (600x450)

I was worried it was too wet, but the pie baked for 10 minutes at 425 and then 55 minutes at 350. So I figured it was fine.

My husband loved it while our finicky princesses rejected it. I liked it. This recipe has you put pumpkin spice in it and it was very evident. I gave slices to my parents so I’m waiting for feedback.

What’s your favorite recipe for pumpkin pie?

I’d to try another this weekend.

21 thoughts on “Beanie-a-long with Me

  1. Love love love the hat, it is awesome and I’m not surprised you’ve gotten compliments and questions about it. Love the new hat, those stripes and the colours work so well and thank you for the tutorial. I’ve not started my beanies (I was supposed to, I need an extra few hours in the day) but when I do I’m going to be coming back to this one as I’ve got stipes in mind :)

  2. Thank you many times over for the joyless jog instructions, complete with wonderful photos. I am bookmarking this post for future use. Yes, I have been waiting!

  3. 1. Love your FO! I wouldn’t have noticed the ear flaps, as it’s just so cute! (As are you!!!)
    2. GREAT tutorial!
    3. YUM!

    I don’t get to comment as much as I’d like but I love your posts and you are one of the most generous bloggers for commenting and leaving a little trail of sunshine around the blogosphere, so thank you! xxxx

  4. Oh I totally love that beanie, and you rock it really well…love the pics taken of you wearing it, very relaxed! Though you mentioned the ear flaps, I actually like the way they look…..they make your beanie more characteristic.

    I wish I could agree with you on not buying knitted clothing, but I still buy them because I will never ever be able to knit them. But I have never bought another scarf or hat ever since I started crocheting…so that is something.

    Your knitting looks so neat, and you sound very helpful with techniques!

    Mmmmmmmmm that pie looks yummy!

  5. Oh, about the pie crust angst. I made it a goal this year to finally get it figured out. I think i finally have it down! I was never adding enough water so my crust would just get to dry. My biggest piece of advise??? Just relax and do it. We get intimidated by crust but you shouldnt. Easy peasy!! My moms tip, roll it out between wax paper. OMG, this tip took the scare right out of it for me! Way less mess to!!!

  6. Love,love, love the Polin’ hat! I know why you are getting comments for sure.Thanks for your joggless tutorial–I will refer back to it when/if I ever get brave enough to stripe. :) I posted for Beanie A Long today too–cute girls wearing cute hats!

  7. I love seeing you in your knit, it’s great.
    And thank you so much for the tutorial, I will be using this soon since I can’t wait to try it. All my stripes in the past have a jog.
    I know Paula Dean has fallen out of favor, but I do love her Yooey gooey pumpkin cake, I don’t make it often, it has about a million calories and is full of stuff I try not to eat, but once in awhile….;)

  8. uuh, wow, your jogless jogs look really unnoticeable! Very well done!
    And I totally agree on your dilemma at the store. Once I see knitwear in stores and look at the fibers or the quality, I am like “nope, never gonna pay money for it, will do it myself, even if it takes longer!”

  9. Love the hat and the jogless stripe tutorial. Do you know if this works with 1×1 stripes? That’s when I have the worst problems. Perhaps I should just avoid 1×1 striping!! You hat looks so well made and finished, excellent job.

    I too am not one that interested in tackling handmade pie dough. I’m sure we will … one day, in the meantime. Whole foods works for me!! I love pumpkin pie, especially this time of year. I like it with a lot of whipped cream and a cup of milky coffee. A LOT of whipped cream. hehe.

  10. Oh my goodness am I in love with that hat!!! And you look so cute and lovely! I really wish I could knit better.. I’m going to improve my knitting skills and come back to follow your tutorial and make that hat!!!!

  11. Great tutorial thanks !! My favorite pumpkin pie is Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin pie 101. Its been tried and true for years!
    BTW…did a Flickr group ever start for the beanie along?? I know you had mentioned something…but i cant find the comment ;-(

  12. That hat is amazing. I love the slouch in the back. It looks really cute on you =). What a great tutorial. I always wondered what jogless meant.

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