I know it’s been quiet around here. This homegirl has been busy. This is the reason why.

Oh, BTW, need to ask the standard: Have you eaten already?

I. Friday, 16 August

I made a combination of two recipes here and here.

E's 40th (384x640)

I ordered from Ohana Bake Shop something my husband has been talkin’ about since April 16th:

E's 40th1 (384x640)

Banana Cream Pie. I was never a pie person. E is head over heels about pie. I fell in love with Amy’s pie. It’s hella good!

II. Saturday, 17 August

By this day I had our place scrubbed down. We just had my parents, my bro, my sil, and my baby niece over for an early dinner:

E's 40th2 (640x384)

Top Row: Stuffing (made by Mum) as well as the Ambrosia (reminded us of our Auntie J)

Bottom Row: Anti Pasto, Pear Walnut Salad with Maple Syrup Vinaigrette, & 43 fried, chicken tenders

Then the piece de resistance!

Ohana Bake Shop cake:

E's 40th3 (384x640)

Nothin’ but chocolate inside.

Yeah, oinkin’ was all up in here.

Nuff said.

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