(Me) “One, two, three, eyes on me…”

(You) “One, two, eyes on you.”

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you monogamous, marathon knitting.

In 22 days, our school celebrates Teacher/Staff Appreciation. That means PTA hosts a cooked and served luncheon for the educators and personnel. Part of this event is a raffle. PTA is currently soliciting for donations from businesses in the city. A person picks a slip of paper from a hat. On that paper is a name (hers/his or another’s). If that individual is currently present at the table, she/he can either pick a slip of paper from a box or have a co-worker do it. This new paper will have the name of a prize on it.

Last year I donated two, handknit beanies to the raffle on request of the treasurer. So this year, I had intended to knit four because they were a hit – (o^^o) yay! – but I forgot about that goal and am now clackin’ the needles in overdrive.

Meet “Ooh, look! Squirrel with dragonfruit!”:


The taupe is Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Squirrel Heather. The bottom is Cascade 220 Superwash in Berry Pink.

Allison of Field Wonderful had commented on 2-Toned La Push on Rav, giving me the idea to make two-toned beanies for Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day. Thank you, Allison!

I’m not sure I’ll be able to whip out four beanies, but I know at least two minimum, even maybe three. So this will be my focus until May 2nd. I’m putting all other fiber memes and their projects on hold.


Some of you have wondered about Knit Picks yarn. It’s definitely affordable. Like Trader Joe’s the middle man is cut out.

Swish Bulky: The feel is great and it hooked up well.

Brava Worsted:Soft and knits up well. It was used for those baby cardigans.

Chroma Worsted: Love this one. I crocheted my nephew’s eel with it. The variegation is awesome.

Comfy Worsted: I’ve hooked with this for my niece’s ripple. It isn’t bad; it’s a mix of cotton and acrylic.

Swish Worsted: It’s so soft! I like the way it feels in my hands while I’m knitting it for the first, teacher appreciation beanie.

Capra: This DK cashmere mix is yummy from the way it feels to how it had hooked up in the sil’s infinity.

Self-Striping Felici: I’ve only made a pair of cuff down socks in this once. The colorway (Tiki) I tried was fun but the dye job was okay. There were dark spots from the darker color on other places.

(Me) “See you later alligator.”

(You) “In a while crocodile.”

It’s Monday! What are you reading?


Aloha on this beautiful San Francisco day! When I drove the keiki to school it was 64 degrees F near the beach. That is a big indicator that today will be a warm day. It’s 70 at least where we live.

No YA or jr fiction this week. My always thoughtful mum saved this for me to read first while I recouped:


Have you ever read a series where the first book kicks butt and then you move onto the second and the hot tamale train slows down, sputtering and choking out puffs of smoke?

Well guess what my friends, Shadow Spell did not disappoint! Think of two swordsman thrusting, parrying, and dodging. That was how it was with the six characters and Cabhan. The intensity was kicked up a notch. The magic spells became more complicated and involved.

I’m impatient for book three. Man, November seems so far away.

To fill the void our ohana had an afternoon taste test yesterday afternoon:


‘da Big Kahuna helped mash the bananas yesterday. See that chunk in there?

Life Currents’ Bourbon Banana Walnut Bread came out moist. I don’t eat a lot of banana bread so I can’t tell the difference between with bourbon and without. However, my man was loud in his enthusiastic consumption of this treat. He watched over the photo shoot like a hawk and immediately grabbed a piece for seconds to satisfy his belly. He said this was the best thing I’ve ever made. Personally, I think my husband is biased; after all, he did gain 20 lbs ever since moving in years ago.

I’ve bought more bananas to make more of this recipe. I think a third TB or so of Bulleit will be nice, don’t cha think?


Year of Projects 3

Annyeong haseyo! Workin’ from the phone today while bumpin’ jams on the Rdio app and helping Princess Jellybean with this:


I tried to pawn it off on my mum – the experienced seamstress – while my girls were staying with her, but I was informed by the princesses that they were told it looked hard and to do it with mom, LOL.
Kamsa hamnida for the well wishes. I’ve been watching fun anime and good movies like Hugo. Have you seen the new Disney Fairies movie? It’s about pirates. Guess whose back story is hinted in there.
Bubblegum will have to wait for its photo shoot until the swelling goes down. It’s been uncomfortable pressure, but I started to ice and schedule in one or two more doses of IB; it helps especially when I sleep.
So I began yesterday a new project. The gajok gave me this yarn last Christmas:


I’m using the Acorn Shrug pattern by Lionbrand. You can find it on Rav.
I have always wanted to craft an oversized, cozy cardigan, especially one to cover the caboose when I wear jeggings.


The main reason I’m using acrylic is because I definitely don’t see myself hand washing a large garment. I can handle a sweater but not something that goes past my hips. I shudder at having to squeeze out all that water.
I got gauge with an H hook but I’m worried that since this rectangle’s foundation chain will be folded in half, the project won’t go past my hip. So I frogged after three rows and chained with a J hook. I currently am crocheting with an I.
Well, our kitchen smells wonderful right now. I tried a new banana bread recipe and guess what went in:


Oh, oops! :roll: Two tablespoons of Bulleit  Bourbon went in rather than one. I’ll let you know tomorrow how it tasted.
Annyeong kaseyo!

Beanie-a-long with Me


Good morning to you while there’s six minutes of it left. Today’s post comes to you via bedside as I’m currently convalescing from the past few days.

Tuesday we dames were zombies. The little one had a rough, Monday night from a bothersome canker sore in her gum. The baby Orajel we had was old so it didn’t help in the meantime. But off they happily went that afternoon with my parents. Three nights the girls are getting spoiled with glow-in-the-dark loom bands and eating their Bella and Big Pop out of their home.

Yesterday I had my fifth and hopefully the last periodontal surgery. It helped that my talented perio has these comfy, Swedish memory foam chairs. I consciously slept during everything. It wasn’t as evasive as the others. I’m not in pain, just have this slight pressure. Ibuprofen has been helpful besides some mum TLC:


Comfort jook with those century eggs, cilantro, and scallions. She also made me soft, can’t stop at one peanut butter cookies + carrot cake that my husband is nicely sharing with me.

I’m catching up on sleep. My biorhythms are off because of yesterday’s day zzz’s. I didn’t know last night if I could mix melatonin with IB. But don’t worry about me. I’m having a relaxing Thursday watching TV and have been on Pinterest organizing my boards, especially my fashion and tutorial ones.

Earlier this week I made progress on For the S.F. Grey:


The front of the hat is completed. The crown section is next. So it’s basically almost done!

I’ve been poking around my stash for Mele Kalikimaka gifts. I found some for two gifts. I need to start as it’s already April! Remember last year’s logic of if I’m gonna to do it I have to commit early and get up on it? Have you started December projects already? Have any beanies slated for ppl?

It’s Monday! What are you reading?


Buongiorno! *stretches* My gosh it feels good to be on break. It is raining hard with its sidekicks thunder and lightning.

Today the bambinas are having a mini playdate with one of Princess Cupcake’s classmates. Italian is the modest theme:


Her friend brought this over for us:


Yummy lookin’ Gudrun Belgian Chocolates, yeah? And very sweet of her to be so thoughtful.

Chocolates are never refused here.

I had a terrific week of reading. I knocked out these two books:


I had read the first book of this series in October of last year. So when I had started reading City of Ashes, so I had to get used to the lingo again. But then again, it was like riding a bike.

I remembered why I liked book one so much. I was sucked into its vortex! Two words describe these titles – intense & action. The storyline gets more complicated with time and with books. At one point I thought to myself, how does your mind work Cassandra Clare?! It’s like a labyrinth full of depth and twists and turns to come up with The Mortal Instruments plot. I am also always impressed by female authors who can write action packed scenes in the literary world. This author does not disappoint. There is action and reaction. There is agility in movement. There is bloodshed and death.

I was so engrossed in these books that I read City of Ashes – 453 pages – in four days. Mind you, I had PTA and mum duties as well. I read book three, 541 pages, in two days! Yesterday spring cleaning was the main agenda after a Saturday day of rest. I wanted to stay up late to read and read, but forced myself to go to bed as I know my body would have paid for it the next day. So I finished City of Glass first Sunday morning so I wouldn’t have any distractions while working through that cleaning mojo.

I have requested City of Fallen Angels but I’m like fifth on the waiting list. I also asked for House of Hades and am third on the list. In the meantime, thanks to my mum, I have Nora Roberts’ Shadow Spell patiently waiting on my nightstand.

Off to make some spaghetti and meatballs. Ciao!

Year of Projects 3


Annyeong haseyo. Anyone on spring break yet? Our district officially started yesterday.

Kamsa hamnida for all your concern and love for Princess Jellybean. It was one daughter down, another to go. Our ga-jok had a Saturday of rest. Princess Cupcake complained of being cold even though she had flannel on, socks, and a bathrobe. Turned out she was running a 101.3 fever. Sleep and chewable Tylenol was her day. I’m happy to report my child is fever free this Sunday.

Do you notice anything different about Bubblegum below?


It’s longer and skinnier. I had BO the first attempt and it still gaped open – >.< dad gumit! I was going to undo the BO and try to get two more rounds of garter stitch while decreasing 10, but after a chat with my mum, I decided to follow her advice – frog and redo.

Basically, my rest day = some mad knittin‘ every possible moment.

I CO 53 to get 52 stitches and am currently adding more repeats of  the six round pattern to use up the yarn. I think this will be a better outcome.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, pls.

Annyeong kaseyo!

Beanie-a-long with Me

BALWM 001 (640x466)

Konnichiwa on this mixed weather day. Our Bay Area is getting some rain finally, but it’s been fickle.

Arigato for your sweet comments on the last few posts, especially about our anniversary. I’ve been regulating the family with the truffles. No one can have one unless Mama is ready and says, “Truffle time,” LOL. Each of us has one a night. The box is half empty now.

*bows low* Gomennasai for this meme’s MIA. March has been a month of illness or PTA business.

Princess Jellybean just got over a 102 fever. She started warming up this past Tuesday in the evening – was in tears because her little head hurt so much. Children’s Advil helped but when I checked on her near one a.m., my god she was burning up! I was so scared. The thermometer was not even five seconds in her mouth when it started beeping and flashing red. I had her strip and lay on her blankets + drink some water.

I think I told you before that this princess had two febrile seizures at 15 months due to roseola. I will never forget the sight of my baby sitting up and jerking like a puppet with her eyes rolling upwards. So whenever Jellybean gets a high fever, this mama doesn’t rest well and is full of worry.

But my six year old is all good now. I had her stay home yesterday. It was chicken soup therapy and a long nap. Now the first grader is back to smiling and oh boy has that appetite again! She’s back in school today.

I still haven’t figured out how to photograph Evil Minion. By the time the weekend comes, I’m so tired that my brain is mush. I’ve been either reading a book or watching anime to tell you the truth. I will try this weekend to get that mohair beanie photographed.

However, For the S.F. Grey has progress:

IMG_2459 (400x600)

The Capucine pattern has you knit flat first before joining in the round to create that monk’s cap look and shape.

This yarn is surprisingly soft. I thought it would be more wooly with a bit a rough. There is a bit of nub here and there. It almost looks like it’s been felted but it isn’t. I like how the colorway is like the deep woods where some sunlight filters through and you can smell the leaves and dirt. It seems magical where the faeries are deeply hidden.

Is there colorway that spoke out to you in some way?

Off to get my fiber on.