Rested. Renewed. Refreshed.


1. Stick to the motto – Keep it Real: So no more trying to keep up with the latest meme.

2. Be organic: “Doowutchyalike.” – Digital Underground

3. Satisfy the artistic craving: Tap deeper into fun, this-is-me styling for photos and writing for posts.


Imagine a newly bought balloon. It floats high and strong. It proudly makes others happy. Then over time, the balloon slowly loses helium. The material reflects light differently as the once firm outside has dips from wrinkles. The balloon no longer floats as high as it did before.
This is how I feel toward blogging right now. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the weather affecting the quality of my sleep. Maybe it’s hormones. Maybe it’s my current routine and being busy that I know I’m not getting to chores I know I need to get to.
You know I’ve always had a like/dislike for memes. I like the organization and how it gets me to blog but at the same time, it sometimes doesn’t feel spontaneous. So lately, I feel like I’m rushing to post. Doing so feels somewhat forced. I also am wondering if I’ve outgrown my blog name. I know I’m a bit bored with the template theme. These are issues I need to ponder upon as they marinate.
As the title suggests, I’m going to take a small hiatus. I’m not sure how long but at least a couple of weeks. I wanted to express myself this morning so you know I’m okay and what’s going on. There may be streaming silence from me on most media with the exception of email and Pinterest.
So I will feed my spirit during this hiatus. I will envelop my soul in little, every day things and fiber. I will emerge renewed and rearing to go when my metamorphosis is complete.

Year of Projects 4



Howz it? I’ve got my SONY pocket radio broadcasting the Giants game on KNBR.

Mahalo for expressing how the Mele Kalikimaka time crunch is affecting your fiber plans right now. I’m glad I’m not the only one gettin’ a lil’ squirmy.

My gosh, how long has it been since I’ve posted for YOP? Let me make a quick calculation; hmmm…26 days which is about three weeks. This first month of school has kept me hoppin’. It’s weird because I feel like I’ve been more on top of things but I think it’s because what one of the VP’s mentioned – I should delegate more. I supposed I could but I feel like I should do what I can since I’m a SAHM. Everyone else has a day job. My job in a way has become PTA President. And I want to go out to the super best of my ability. High achiever here. It feels really good to have these taken care of:

  • First Board Meeting
  • First Day Meet & Greet
  • Direct Appeal Letters w/Forms + School Gear Order Forms
  • School-wide Picnic applied for
  • Two, Back-to-School Nights
  • Fall General Meeting.

I still have a few tasks to take care of, but the rush is slowing down.

Well, knitting-wise for this meme, I don’t have much to show. My Speckled beanie is completed and dry from its wet-blocking. So the next step was to make this:


Holding the black and white yarns together, I wrapped them around my cardboard about 70-80 times. I will have to work on a photo shoot by next Sunday.

Hmmm….what to work on next? You know what? I think I’m ready to go back to Cozy. It certainly stares at me whenever I notice it sitting forlornly in the corner.

WIP Roster

WIP Banner (500x313)

*dancing in seat to “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias*

Annyeong haseyo. What’s crack-a-lackin’?

Kamsa hamnida for the birthday love. I’ve had a lovely time these past two weekends. I’m looking forward to seeing what more I learn and how I evolve further in my 40th year of life.

Today is a quick post. I haven’t really started anything new after finishing off A Spot of Tea.

Today I will wind up this yarn:


Yes, it’s Cascade Yarns Heritage in Royal Blue. Heritage is 75% superwash merino wool + 25% nylon sock yarn.

I plan to knit my toddler niece a tunic – “Goldilocks” by Justyna Lorkowska. I’m shooting for tunic length instead of the dress because I’m feelin’ that invisible time crunch with Christmas three and a half months away. Eek! I have just two down and need to maybe get two more done after my niece’s.

What about you? Are you feelin’ that crunch?

How many Christmas gifts have you taken care of so far?

Annyeong kaseyo.

A Modest 4-0

Good afternoon. With a third week of school under our belts and two, Back-to-School nights checked off, I took a much needed break this past weekend.

I thought about blogging yesterday, but like my husband said, “It’s your birthday.” Yes, I hit that 4-0 Sunday.

This weekend was about chillaxin’ as the past Labor Day weekend, the four of us were out and about:

#1: Shin Toe Bul Yi (Saturday night)

My 40th2

I’ve been craving Korean as every week the delightful, comforting smells of Korean BBQ teased my senses and called out like a siren. So we hit up our one and only Korean spot for our usual favorites. The seafood panjeon (pancake) was practically devoured by yours truly.

#2: Ghiradelli Square (Sunday)

My 40th3

E has gotten me into Fitbit, an electronic pedometer via an app that keeps track of many things: Steps, miles, calories burned, active minutes, weight loss, sleep patterns, calories consumed and left for the day, and how much water drank. So he got our crew walking and taking Joe MUNI to get our exercise.

Our Sunday, sundae excursion stats – the very first time I wore my Fitbit:

7,745 steps

3.13 miles

1,095 calories burned

42 very active minutes

#3: Land’s End (Labor Day)

My 40th4

Steps: 10,610

Miles: 4.29

Calories Burned: 1,202

Active Minutes: 75

I was so sore and a bit crabby afterwards.

Then this past weekend was my actual, birthday weekend:

#1: Saturday

My 40th

All of us had lunch at my mum’s. She made appetizers, turkey enchiladas, and at my request, her yummy chile verde stew.

My talented and lovely SIL made me a knitting cake *squee!*

My 40th1

…while I was treated to some bubbly.

#2: Sunday

So you know I’ve been kinda diggin’ shawls. Andi of My Sister’s Knitter + Deb of A World of Imagination are big influences.

So I knew for my 40th, I was gonna treat myself to a shawl pattern that I have coveted for the longest timeHitchhiker by Martina Behm.

After reading Selena Rae of Wayfaring Yarns’ post – “Mama’s Hands” – where she raved about the yarn company, Manos del Uruguay, I knew I had an excuse to finally buy some! I have wondered about this yarn for ages as I know many of you have used it.


I looked up on Ravelry how each colorway knitted up and ended up picking Tannat. I love those deep colors mixed among the pink and orange-red.

After a walk to brunch and back:


I started this super awesome, kickass, easy pattern while comfy in bed:


The little one was curled up beside me while the two of us watched TV.

I love, love, love Manos del Uruguay. It knits up so well on my bamboo circ and feels good to the touch. I had first tried to get the gauge but I didn’t like how the fabric looked on my 6 circ. It was too open. So I went down to a 3. I really like the tighter fabric more. I know I have more than enough yarn so I’m not having regrets.

Well, that’s my modest 4-0 in a nutshell.

I’m blessed to be loved and lucky as hell to have the family I have.

^__^  C-ya!

FO Roll Call

Stitch n Pitch Giants Game (313x500)

Thank you from the depths of my heart for your visits and comments. You bring faithful and uplifting support to my soul.

I am currently catching up on your blogs through Bloglovin’ and the WordPress app. I may not comment on each post but believe me, I read every single one, sometimes twice to make sure I got in every detail.

*rubs hands in glee* Are you ready my friends and family? Last weekend was one of finishing off some WIPs; what productivity!

Up first…



The Deets:

A. Susan B. Anderson’s Pear-Apple Cozy

B. Premier Yarns Everyday Soft Worsted Prints in Cold Mountain

C. I added the strap – foundation chain of 5 and single crocheted ’til long enough.

D. The little one is modeling it.

E. We borrowed a pear from her Auntie Alanna.

F. Because this pouch was made with worsted instead of dk, it came out much bigger, so Alanna gave me a lemon as an inside booster.

G. When I gave this to the paraprofessional, Mrs. B, she gave me a big hug.

Second up…


In its modest glory:


Macro shots of its lovely bits:

A Spot of Tea

Top: The picot edge

Bottom: The branch lace & the lattice lace

The Deets:

A. Helen Stewart’s Afternoon Tea

B. Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Thyme

C. 50″ x 21″

D. This is only a part one photo shoot. I have a vision of another one involving the teacher recipient. We’re currently trying to schedule it on a weekend.

Which do you like to craft with more – worsted or fingering?

What FO – doesn’t have to be yarn – are you most proud of recently?

WIP Wednesday

WIP Banner (500x313)


It’s hump day already with Monday having been a holiday. Our ohana had a lovely, three-day weekend. I’ll talk more about it hopefully Sunday.

Today was more easy-going at the school so I got home earlier to start some chores and take care of this final stage for A Spot of Tea:


It looks amazing all pinned out.

And oh gosh, my gauge was totally off as it may end up ten inches longer in length and five inches wider. I used all nine, blocking mats for the first time and used at least 84 pins for just the picot points. Some of them were even pinned into the carpet. No wonder I needed a second skein.

Off to compose an email to the kumu recipient of this lace shawl. Hopefully she’ll be game for my idea for the photo shoot.

Mahalo for dropping by.